Contribution to the ascension and enlightenment of human consciousness
by means of restoring the shine of 13 Diamonds within people’s hearts; as
well as by means of resources and collaboration with sources, whose
views, ideas, and actions correspond to the objective of this Center, and
can render assistance to the revival of Real Royalty within the
consciousness of beings that live on Earth.


“Real RoyalT & 13 Diamonds” CEDAR Center was founded by
Stanislav Zhdanov (aka Herald Taylor), after High Light passed to
Stanislav the vision of the essence of true royal belonging, which is
about 13 Diamonds and lives within the heart of every one, but is not
realized and directly experienced by each one.

At least 13% of the Center’s proceeds go to charitable purposes and,
first of all, to the support of children in need.

We always keep our minds open to new offers and suggestions,
projects and ideas, and we also appreciate any assistance to the main
objective of the company and its current projects.
For all those willing to cooperate, you can reach us at the
following coordinates.  
«Real RoyalT & 13 Diamonds» CEDAR Center
- Consulting, Education, Development, Arts, and Research -
13 Diamonds

Appreciation & Gratitude
Harmony & Peace
Passion & Enthusiasm
Unity of Perfect Light

The following kinds of activity are performed by
“Real RoyalT & 13 Diamonds” CEDAR Center,
only if they correspond to the objective of the Center itself:

•        building up network and strengthening relations with centers,
organizations, companies, and individuals;

•        conducting events (meetings, lectures, conferences, consultations,
workshops, and trainings);

•        charity;

•        distributing goods and services;

•        research;

•        investments;

•        development.  
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