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There are lots of people, who study English in Kazakhstan and Russia.
And they would love to practice their English with native speakers like those, who were originally
born in the United States of America and England. And they are ready to pay for this!

Earn $15 - $24 / hour just for giving them an awesome experience in practicing their English speech
in one of our web rooms online!
Besides getting paid, with this job, you have an opportunity to get a great international and
intercultural experience and learn more about other parts of the world.     

In a web room you'll have all the tools you need to do your job perfectly.
That includes: a video section, where you both can see each other; a white board, where you and
your partner both can draw and write; a chat, where you can correspond with each other, in case
you need to write something; a presentation area, where you can share any files with your
have an excellent Internet speed and a web camera;
be easy-going, friendly and patient;
be able to talk on various subjects;
keep a live and interesting conversation;
watch and check if your partner understands you;
not involve yourself in a monologue, but rather build a dialogue with your interlocutor;
ask a person different questions, so that by answering they could practice their English;
write down words, when you notice they are new for your interlocutor;
be able to describe what it means if they don't understand something;
correct and explain grammar points if necessary;
talk slower and clearer if you're asked to;
be interactive and avoid being boring;
prepare some interesting games or activities that could help your partner improve their English;
help them make progress in their speaking skills;  
take into consideration the person's preferences and areas of interest;
Your salary
Number of people
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You can choose to be paid either every two weeks, or every three weeks, or monthly.
If you're interested in this position and you think you can do it,
submit the form below and one of our assistants will get in touch with you ASAP!
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since the 9-12-hour difference in the time zones between you and your
interlocutors, it is preferable that you could be available at night hours
and in the early morning as well.
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Please, send your picture to this email address info@13almazov.com
If we both agree on collaboration, this picture will be placed on our website.
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be aware that you're going to deal with people of different English language skill levels, from elementary to advanced.